We would appreciate your prayers on our behalf as we begin this long and complicated journey! We specifically ask that you join us in praying:

  1. For Mikah. Pray that he receives adequate care and enough food to eat, and that he suffers no abuse at the hands of his caregivers. Also, he is not able to understand that we are coming for him, but we pray for peace for him and that he will not experience loneliness or fear as he waits.

  2. For patience for us to endure the long and bumpy road that is the adoption process! We pray that we are able to complete the process in as little time as possible, but also that we are willing to yield to God’s will and perfect plan!


As you probably already know, adopting a child overseas costs a lot of money! We are told that adoptions from Mikah's country typically cost between $25,000-$30,000. (Yikes!) The variance in those numbers mostly depends on what time of year you travel to the country (two separate trips are required), with the summer being the most costly. It looks like we'll be traveling in late fall or winter, so hopefully our costs will be on the lower end. We estimate we have approximately $18,500 left to raise.

So, we are planning different ways to fundraise over the next months, and will update the blog as they come about. Some close friends and family have already offered to assist us in working on these fundraisers, and we are grateful!

Also, if anyone would like to donate directly to Mikah’s adoption, you can do so here on our YouCaring page.

We thank you all for your love and support!