Mikah is a 13-year-old boy currently living in Eastern Europe. As you can see, he has beautiful brown eyes and a bright smile! Mikah is not his real name, but we are not allowed to publicly share his name until the adoption is complete. Mikah is the code name given to him on his Reece’s Rainbow profile, so that’s the name we’ll use on this blog.

We don’t know as many details about Mikah as we would like, but we do know he has some special needs. We are told he has cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus, and both these conditions have affected him physically and mentally. He is also very small for his age (he is about the size of our 5-year-old). We know that he suffered a great deal of neglect at his orphanage — for most of his life, he received no medical care, no therapy, and very poor nutrition. In fact, he spent most of his time lying in a crib.

About 2-3 years ago, things began to improve at his orphanage and he began getting better care — he received a medical assessment, began having physical therapy, and was given better nutrition. He also began having his own 1-on-1 companion (hired from the community) for a few hours a week. With all these changes, Mikah’s health and well-being began improving! His situation was far from ideal (because an orphanage is never an ideal environment for a child), but positive things were happening.

However, in February of this year, he was suddenly transferred to a group home, along with 11 other kids from his orphanage. This group home is owned and operated by some of the same people who were responsible for the neglect he suffered in his earlier days. This was a huge blow to those that worked so hard to improve living conditions for these children! We do not know exactly what kind of care Mikah is receiving in his new "home," but we are assuming it is not good. As you can imagine, we are eager to get him out of there and get him home as soon as we can!