It is almost the end of April and we are so happy to see the warm weather finally arriving! It's the signal of change and the arrival of good things!

A big exciting thing has happened since our last blog post:

On April 15, our adoption paperwork was approved by a judge in a court way across the ocean....and Mikah was officially made OUR son! The adoption was finalized! "Mikah" is now officially Milen Benjamin Whiteley!

Our newest son Milen:

We get a lot of questions about his name -- Milen is his given first name, and we decided early on to keep it because: 1) We really like the name, and 2) we liked the idea of keeping that part of his past with him. We then picked Benjamin for his middle name.....just because we liked it. :)


The next thing we are waiting for???? Travel dates!

Sometime in the next few weeks we will find out when we can travel to pick him up. I am estimating it will be sometime in the last half of May (but of course we don't know for sure). It's getting closer and closer! Only a few weeks away!

The other good news: For a number of reasons, I had planned to travel by myself, and then have Jordan stay behind at home our other kids. Since the trip will be almost 2 weeks long, we felt like that would be the best use of our parent resources, and then Jordan wouldn't have to take so much time off work, either. And of course, it was a relief on the adoption fund budget to have one less plane ticket to buy, too! It all made sense.

Well, just recently, a very generous family member offered to pay for an extra plane ticket and invited me to find someone to go along with me! What a blessing! So, my lovely sister Shelly agreed she could tolerate being with me for two whole weeks :) and agreed to go! I think we will have a very fun time together. Yay!

Other things:

Thanks to all who participated in our One Less Orphan auction earlier this month! Almost everything has been shipped out to you all (with one or two exceptions, I believe), and I thank you for your generosity with your bidding and payment!

Also, we held our Canvas Painting night on the 15th, which was a benefit to raise money for a donation of diapers for Milen's group home. Thank you so much to Kim for donating your time, talent, and your classrom to pull off this event! Also, thanks to all you who participated! We had such a good time, and raised close to $600! We also had a few people who couldn't come to paint, but sent donations anyway -- we thank you! I'm so excited for this opportunity to give this gift!