Getting Ready



So it's been a bit since I've updated the blog, and that's because, well, there hasn't been much to update! We're kind of stuck in the waiting period between the first and final trip, and are just trying to wait patiently!

The good news is, things are moving along as they are supposed to, and we are still on track to travel in May to bring Mikah home. Our paperwork is slowly moving through the system as it should be. After our Meetcha Trip in January, we had to file more paperwork with the U.S. Immigration department, officially accept Mikah's referral, and send that all over to his country to be approved. Our in-country attorney held an Article 5 interview on our behalf at the U.S. embassy over there, and then submitted that paperwork to the Minister of Justice. Now that they have all the needed paperwork, these are the next steps we are waiting on:

  1. Get signature from Minister of Justice
  2. Get assigned a judge and court date
  3. Court date -- this is when the adoption is officially finalized! He will officially be our son on this day!
  4. Judge signs paperwork (can be up to 10 days after court)
  5. We are assigned travel dates!

In this meantime, we are getting ourselves and our home ready for Mikah. We have gradually accumulated most of the things he'll need -- clothes, bedroom furniture, equipment, etc. I had fun cleaning out the spare room (now his bedroom!) and making it a little more "boyish." I didn't want to go too crazy for fear of overwhelming the poor boy :) but it seemed like a few decor changes were in order.


I had to search high and low to find a basic, used pediatric wheelchair that Mikah can use until he is able to be fitted for one -- I know from experience with our daughter that ordering a wheelchair through insurance is a good 6-month long process! So he needs something that will work in the meantime.

So finally, after perusing multiple stores and checking Craigslist about 17 times a day, I found an auction store that had a chair that looked like it would work. It was technically an adult wheelchair, but was made for a very small adult, and looked like it would work better than anything else I could find. Plus, they only wanted $60 for it. SOLD!

While I was there checking that one out, the guy mentioned that they had another wheelchair for sale too, but it was kind of strange looking, and he would be willing to let that one go for $40. He figured I'd probably not want it. I recognized it right away as a Convaid Cruiser Adaptive Stroller, which retails brand new for about $1700. Used ones sell for a lot more than $40!

It needed a little cleaning up, but was otherwise in great condition and looked like it would fit Mikah perfectly. "Hmm, I think I'll take that one too," I said, trying to be nonchalant. Score!


I could tell he thought it was a little strange that I was buying both chairs. :) I was just so excited about my two good deals that I didn't care what he thought.

So we now have two good options! He will use whatever one fits him the best, and we can keep the other one around as a spare.