January Update


Wow, it is more than past time for a blog update! A lot has happened in the past month, and our lives have been a bit of a whirlwind!

The big news, of course, is our trip to meet Mikah! We traveled the first week of January, and spent 7 days in his country.

We spent about 13 hours total on three different flights, and arrived at our destination a full day after leaving (we lost seven hours of time with the time differences).

Jordan found that airplanes are not made for big men with long legs. We both felt pretty squished especially after the long, over-the-ocean flight....but I could tell it was harder on him than me. He survived, though. :)

pic airport selfie

This is our pre-flight airport selfie. We were both still feeling pretty fresh at that point.

We were thankful to arrive safely on Saturday night, and had Sunday to rest and get ready for the week.

We had the privilege of spending time with Mikah every day for that Monday through Friday, two visits a day!

It was a huge blessing to finally be able to meet our precious boy. We bonded with him easily, and had a wonderful time interacting with him. We took a zillion pictures, which I wish I could post here!

He was sweet, affectionate, and full of smiles for us! We found that he loves touch and human contact (in fact, he spent a lot of time clinging to us with all his strength, with his face as close to ours as possible). He also sucks his thumb in the most adorable way when he is tired. :)

He was pretty quiet, but we found that the best way to make him giggle is to whistle a tune at him. That was always rewarded with a huge smile, and the occasional belly laugh that was so deep and grown-up sounding that we were surprised every time! We loved that!

We were able to feed him his lunch most days we were there. It took a day or so of getting used to doing this -- we made the grave mistake of not feeding him fast enough at first! Boy, did we learn! :) He loves his food and he eats it fast. He was always a little critical when the food was gone and his water or tea was all that was left. Definiteley not as good as the food, in his opinion. But it was wonderful to see him having preference for certain things over others, and being able to express that!

We were also happy to see that he has grown over the past year! We brought clothes for him in a selection of sizes, so we could find out his size. He fit into the size 8s, the largest size we brought!

Overall it seems he is receiving good care in his group home, which is a huge relief to us! This made it 100 times easier to leave him for these next few months. It is wonderful knowing he is being well-fed, changed, and bathed on a regular basis by caregivers that care about him. This is what I have prayed for since we started this adoption process!

The staff was also friendly to us and seemed to be happy Mikah was getting a family.

Also, the rest of our time spent in Mikah's country was unforgettable! Our days were busy with our visits with Mikah, but we did have time in between to do some sightseeing and shopping. That was fun, and it was great to get a feel for the culture our son comes from! They have delicious food there for very cheap prices:

pic room service

pic jordan dessert

We had a wonderful driver and translator (both provided by our in-country facilitator), and also traveled with another American couple who were there for adoption visits with their son! This was a big blessing to us, and made our downtime a lot more fun!

I have described this trip to others as life-changing for us. Adoption in general is life-changing, of course! But somehow, this trip was an unforgettable experience for both of us. We came back with this new and fuller love for our little boy (who we had only seen mere pictures of before)....and also came back with affirmation that this is our calling. This boy is truly meant to be our son. The time we spent with Mikah made it abundantly clear to us!

We are praising God for His faithfulness to us and to Mikah! We are counting down the days until we can go back and bring him home!