It's Almost Time!


Our final preparations are being done for our trip! We leave in just 3 more days! Eeek! Things are coming together, though, and I know we'll be prepared.

Today we received details on our travel itinerary, where we will be staying, etc. We have a driver and translator that will pick us up from the airport, drive us between cities, and get us to the orphanage for our visits. I am feeling thankful that all these details are already worked out for us!

There are a lot of last minute details we are finishing up this week -- packing, getting childcare arrangements all set up, etc. Also, we had to mail in a few more stacks of paperwork:


...because what fun would adoption be without the endless supply of confusing forms to fill out? :)

Yesterday we made another trip to the police station to get fingerprinted again....because, ya know, the first 2 times weren't enough. Should be the last time, though! We wanted to get that in before we leave, so that everything is processed in time and does not delay us.

We also need to update our medical forms again, so I'm going to try to quickly get that in before we travel as well. It's a tricky thing -- if we get these things done too early, they expire and we have to do them all again. But if we wait too long, they delay our process. It's such a fun game!

We had fun shopping around for a few things to take with us on our daily visits to Mikah:


Some luggage-friendly toys, and clothing in a few different sizes (so we can find out what size he wears). We will be able to leave all these things with him. Whatever clothing doesn't fit him can be used by the other kids there.

We recently received some updated information on Mikah's height and weight, and were happy to see that he has grown! The last info we had was from 2013, and said he weighed about 39 pounds (a little peanut!). He was 12 years old at that time. Now, he is 14 and weighs almost 64 pounds, and is 3 inches taller! This is great news to us, and says a lot about how he is being cared for! It also helped us guess a little better on his clothing size.

We appreciate all your prayers and well wishes as we prepare to travel! Many of you have reached out to us, and we have been encouraged by your words.

Also, we would like to thank all of you that have made donations to us over this Christmas season! Some of you have donated anonymously, and since we cannot thank you in person, we will say it here: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have been a huge help and encouragement to us!