The Trip is Booked!



Finally! We got dates for travel! We are going overseas from January 1-January 9.

Not as soon as we had hoped (we thought it would surely be before Christmas)....but we have dates! We'll take it!

Yesterday and today I shopped around for the best deal on flights, and experienced a little sticker shock with the inflated holiday rates I was seeing! After getting some recommendations, I contacted an organization called Adoption Airfare, which offers discounted and humanitarian rates to families traveling for adoption and missions.

The woman I talked to, Katie, was SO nice and helpful, and set us up with flights that were a few hundred dollars cheaper than anything we found on our own. Yay! A little bit of relief.

We'll be flying over on a Friday, arriving that Saturday evening, and will be able to spend time with Mikah on Monday through Friday of the following week. Then we leave the following Saturday morning! Since we gain 7 hours on the way back, we'll arrive back in Michigan early Saturday evening after 19 hours of travel (that's going to be a long day!).

So, the game of hurry up and wait continues! All of a sudden I am thinking of the million or so things we need to do before the trip: arranging childcare, taking care of more paperwork, etc., etc., etc. Let the mad preparations begin!

We are so happy to have progress to report, and so excited we're so close to meeting our boy!