Spaghetti Dinner!


Thanks to all who came to our Spaghetti Dinner this past weekend! We had a great turnout, and felt very loved and supported by our family and friends! Your presence meant a lot to us.

We received $2431.13 in donations! The bulk of this total is what we received in the donation box at the dinner...but I also had a number of people hand me envelopes, money, etc. at church on the following Sunday, saying, "We couldn't make it to your dinner, so here is the donation we would have given."

donation box

After taking out the cost of food and supplies, we have a grand total of $2,001.86 to put toward Mikah's adoption!

Wow! Again, thank you SO much for your support! It is very humbling to know that you care that much! It was obvious that you all thought about much more than spaghetti when you decided what amount to donate! :)

The person that also deserves many many thanks is my good friend Cathy Hayes:

cathy hayes

(She is a little hard to get a picture of -- this blurry one is the best I have, haha)

This lady is like Superwoman! She was the planner and organizer of the whole dinner, and worked tirelessly for weeks and weeks to iron out all the fine details. Thank you Cathy for making it all run smoothly!

A few more pictures:

desert table

desert table



We also had a gaggle of volunteers that helped during the dinner, and helped set up the night before. Also, my sister Debbie volunteered her time and design talents in making up flyers and beautiful decorations for the event. There were also those that donated food and baked bread and sweets for us to serve. Many hands made the work light and fun! Thanks to you all.

These two pics don't show everyone, but many of you are in there!


The dinner crew


The cleanup crew