After 25 long days of waiting (yes, I counted them), we received our final piece of paperwork in the mail today! It's our revised USCIS approval notice, which says that the United States gives us approval to adopt Mikah. Everything has been waiting on this one longed-for piece of paper! We are so excited to finally get it and be able to send it overseas.

The paper itself doesn't look that exciting, so I added the fanfare I thought it deserved:


Yep, I'm pretty good with MS Paint..... (my techie husband is dying with laughter, I'm sure)(Jordan: She's not wrong)

So, what's next?

This piece of paperwork will be mailed overseas to join the rest of our dossier paperwork that is already there. It will be put before the Minister of Justice of Mikah's country, who will (we hope!) decide to approve it, and issue the official referral for Mikah. Then, after a few weeks, we'll be issued our travel dates to go over and meet him! The idea that we are THIS close is stealing my breath away, literally!

In other news, we're making great progress toward our $2500 matching grant! THANK YOU to all that have donated to us so far! I have asked for a list of who donated so I can thank you personally -- it means SO much to have your support!

Our FSP currently reads $1533, meaning we have only $1258 left to reach our goal! Would you consider helping us, if you haven't already? No donation is too small! (Remember, anything you donate will be doubled!)

Once it reads $2791, the matching $2500 will be added!
Thank you!