Lesson Learned!


Oh boy, the drama continues!

Yesterday I went to our local UPS store and carefully placed our thick packet of dossier paperwork into an overnight mailing envelope, to be sent to Nancy, our caseworker in Houston, TX.

The plan is for her to review all the paperwork, and then mail it to Mikah's country for translation.

In case you didn't see my earlier picture, here it is:


As I mentioned before, this paperwork represents months of hard work and thousands of dollars, and will be used by the courts to decide if we are suitable to adopt Mikah.

So, as I was preparing it all to be shipped (after checking it over for the thousanth and final time), I found I really had to resist the urge to grab the UPS guy by the lapels and tell him how important this is and that it better get there safe and sound! ....Or, at least, take him by the hand gently and plead into his eyes to please please PLEASE be careful with it!

Don't worry, I did neither.

I think he was careful.

But, apparently the person on the other end, in Houston, wasn't so careful. This is how Nancy received our package this morning:


AAAAAAHHHHH! Somehow it got dropped in a puddle? Swimming pool? Lake? We don't know for sure. All I know is that Nancy said she almost had a heart attack when she started opening it and the envelope began falling apart in her hands.

However, HUGE sigh of relief, the documents inside were okay -- I had organized everything by putting each document in a plastic sleeve, something I did just to keep it all neat and tidy...not because I was worried about water! Other than a little water on the outside of the plastic covering, everything was dry.

Phrew! Lesson learned for us! From now on, everything gets shipped in plastic! Probably double plastic to be sure!