Matching Grant!


We have been offered a matching grant! A very generous donor has offered to match up to $2500 in donations made to our Reece's Rainbow FSP account, to be used to cover Mikah's adoption expenses. That means your $5 turns into $10...your $10 turns into $20...and so on!

Would you consider helping us meet this grant? All donations made to our Reece's Rainbow account are tax deductible (you will be sent a receipt via email), and can be used by us for any adoption expenses starting with our first trip overseas.

We decided to have a little fun with this matching grant: We had this photo collage of our family made into a puzzle. Anyone who donates will get their name written on the back of one of the pieces....and at the end we will glue it all together and frame it in a glass case so we can always remember our generous supporters!


For those who aren't familiar with Reece's Rainbow, check out and have a look around! They are a non-profit organization that advocates for orphans (primarily orphans with Down's Syndrome, but also those with other special needs too). They raise money for adoption grants for waiting children, and they also set up accounts for families that are in the adoption process to receive tax deductible donations. The adoptive family accounts are called Family Sponsorship Programs (or FSPs).

We found Mikah through Reece's Rainbow, so this organization is obviously close to our hearts!

If you feel led to donate to our FSP, here is our Reece's Rainbow link:

The link will prompt you to either donate with Paypal, or you can mail a check directly to Reece's Rainbow, and they will apply it to our account (this avoids the 3% paypal fee).

Then, if you message me at or through Facebook, I'll know to put your name on a puzzle piece! Otherwise, I can get a list of donors upon request if I ask Reece's Rainbow, so I will know eventually and can write you down!

Our FSP balance is starting at $291, so when it reads $2791.00, the matching $2500 will be added!

We thank you for your support!!