This past week started with the good news that our USCIS approval letter arrived, in record time.....especially since we had to fix a mistake on our application. Yay, right? The U.S. Immigrations Office approves us to adopt Mikah! A big step, for sure.

BUT WAIT....Hold the celebrations! In the midst of all this, we learned that...OOPS! There was small error in our homestudy, that had to do with the list of Mikah's special needs. Mikah's country is extremely picky that his every special need is listed, word for word, in the home study. We knew this going in, and I carefully relayed what I thought was the correct list. Turns out I took the list from the wrong set of paperwork, and the "true" list was slightly different, by just a few words. SO, we needed to get our home study updated to reflect this, guessed it, we have to file a revision to our USCIS application (and of course pay an extra $360 wouldn't be as fun if there wasn't more money involved, right? Haha.)

So, thanks to the quick work of Char and Melissa at our home study agency, our home study was updated to reflect the changes, and we are now in possession of 4 shiny new copies (within 24 hours of contacting them! They rock!).

Thursday we overnight-mailed our application for re-approval to USCIS. We are hoping and praying for a quick return so that we can move this adoption forward! Until this approval comes, we are stuck waiting. We are hoping it won't be longer than a month delay. As it is, this will push our first trip to Mikah's country into November or December.

It is so frustrating to know what our boy has to wait that much longer because...why? A few words missing from the paperwork! I was recently a part of a conversation on an online adoption support forum about the worry and anxiety we as adopting parents have. The consensus from many is that we feel a constant nagging worry that we are going to screw it all up through the adoption process. The fact that we know which child we are adopting, know they are waiting (and probably have been waiting a long time), makes every delay excruciating. Any tiny mistake in paperwork can delay an adoption for months. That feeling of guilt can be overwhelming!

But what I also loved about the same online thread, was that the overwhelming conclusion was that we need to learn to unshoulder that burden and rely on God...and trust that He is working, He is knowing, and He is loving. Loving us, and loving our children. It is in His hands. No matter what happens!

We appreciate your prayers through this! I invite you to pray with me for Mikah that he is experiencing peace and contentment, and also that he is receiving good care as he waits for us.

Thank you!