Our Dossier


Our dossier is almost finished and ready to be sent to Mikah's country! For those of you not familiar with adoption-speak, a dossier is the big collection of all the paperwork that we have been working on for the past six months. Basically our entire life story (and more) is told in that set of paperwork.

I now understand why adoptive families post pictures of their completed dossiers.... what is laying there on the table represents months of blood, sweat, and tears! Its quite a relief to see it all in front of me and ready to go!

Here is that big beautiful pile of paper:


We are missing one important piece of paperwork: our notice of approval to adopt from USCIS (the U.S. Immigration Department). Instead of our approval notice, we received in the mail today....a big pink slip telling us that our application was missing one small piece of information.

AGH!!!! The dreaded pink slip! It's always something, right? So, we have overnight-mailed in the correction, and hopefully we'll be back on track in a few weeks time.

In the mean time, we can mail the rest of the dossier in and they will start translating it. So, I can at least feel like we're accomplishing something while we wait.

So... what happens next?

Once we get that last USCIS approval paper, our dossier will officially be submitted to the government of Mikah's country. They will review it, approve it (Lord willing!), and then notify us that we have "official referral" for Mikah and give us travel dates for our first trip!

This whole process will take a few months....but hopefully we're still on track to take our first trip in late October or November! Suddenly that doesn't seem so far away!

Things are starting to get real!

We are coming for you, Mikah!