We are in the middle of finishing up another successful fundraiser ­­ Our Hidden Treasures auction has made a preliminary total of $1855!!! We are so thankful to all of you that donated items, and also those that bid! It was, once again, a wonderful show of support!

Amanda, our auction coordinator and very busy mama, has been working to get everyone the information they need as far as shipping items, receiving their items, etc. So if you are waiting for information, we thank you for your patience! You have not been forgotten! Please feel free to contact me at whiteleybeth@gmail.com with any questions.

summer family pic

Now that we're a few months into this adoption, I've had some time to reflect on some things. First off, I have to just throw the admission out there: Fundraising is really stressful! Not only is it exhausing and time­ consuming, but it also involves us putting ourselves out there in a way I never would have thought I'd be able to do. The decision to adopt Mikah was such a personal one. We didn't ask for other's opinions or approval when we made the decision (yes, we confided in close friends and asked what they thought...but we certainly didn't poll the public!)....so to turn around and ask for everyone's help to raise funds for the adoption has not been easy to do!

In fact, over a year ago, when I first became aware of the need of children in these orphanages, that was the number one thing that held me up from seriously considering adopting ­­ you mean it costs THAT much? So we'd have to raise all the funds? We'd have to blindly ask people for help to fundraise, offering them nothing in return? NO WAY. That seemed like an insurmountable task to me.

But then, God called us to Mikah, and we could not say no. How could we? It was evident to me that since He was calling, He would do the providing. I still believe that 100% ­­ and sure enough, He has provided for us! We are over halfway funded now, and have somehow always had the money we needed for the next fee, whatever it may have been. We have been given our daily bread, as promised!

There have been many times that I have wished that we didn't need to fundraise. But, there have been many many wonderful things that have come from it:

  1. We have found out what a huge support group we have in our family, friends, and aquaintances. SO many people have donated things to us, donated money, donated their time, etc. In addition, we have received so much encouragement from so many people ­­ so many are interested in our adoption, are excited about it, ask us regularly how things are going, and so on. Just to know that so many are invested into this with us is so very helpful!

  2. More people have become aware of these kids and the needs they have. Mikah is only one of many many orphans in need of a loving family, in need of care, and in need of our prayers. This can only be a good thing for children stuck in a system where there seems to be no hope!

  3. This realization: God is making it clear to us that we cannot do this on our own. We have been successful so far because His hand is in it...definitely not because of what we are doing ourselves! This is a very good lesson to those of us (ahem, me) that think we need to have full control over every aspect of our lives. Haha. That control (or rather, the illusion of control) has been taken right out of our hands --­­ the whole adoption process in general has made this painfully evident! It's been such a good reminder for us to lean on God's promises, rather than our own devices. "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding," right? (Prov. 3:5) We all know that verse so well, yet it can be so hard to live it!

So again, we thank you all for sticking with us through all of this! God is using all of you and we have been blessed!