I am so happy to report that we have a small update on how Mikah is doing! There is a family adopting a little boy from the same group home, and they are there visiting him this week. I chatted via messaging with the adoptive mom, and found out a little bit out the conditions in the group home.

She reports that the home is clean and well-kept, and that the kids seem to be well cared for. She was able to see Mikah briefly, and reported that he looked really good, was up in a chair and was even smiling at her!

While it's only a small amount of information, it makes for a HUGE relief to this mama's heart way over here across the ocean! Since the group home has just opened this year, no adoptive families have ever been there yet, so no one knew what the conditions were or how any of the kids were faring. It was easy to assume the worst! To hear that Mikah is awake and alert and doing okay is such a big weight lifted off my shoulders, and an answer to my prayers.

I knew the other boy's family was going to be at the group home this week, and while I badly wanted an update, I was also extremely nervous about what they would find. But the news is good and I am so thankful! It makes the waiting just a little bit easier!

Hidden Treasures Auction

It's almost time for our online auction!

These auctions were started a number of years ago to help fundraise for families that were adopting these "hidden treasures" --kids from Mikah's orphanage. So now it's Mikah's turn, and we are thankful for the help! Our auction is set to take place in July.

The auction website is http://treasuresinhiddenplaces.blogspot.com

We are looking for auction items and would love donations! These things make excellent auction items:

  1. Handmade items
  2. Used items in good condition
  3. Gift cards (that can be used nationwide)

If you would like to donate anything, please contact me at whiteleybeth@gmail.com, or you can email Hidden Treasures directly at redeeminghiddentreasures@gmail.com

Thank you!