The yard sale is done and it was huge and very successful! It ended up being a much bigger deal than originally planned. We received more donated items than I ever thought we would, and it made for one smashing, bangup yard sale!

Preparation for this sale took over a month and involved many helpers. There was a lot of sweat, long days, and back aches involved...but also a lot of laughter and fun times as we sorted through and organized everything.

Here are some of the things I'll never forget:

  • Many times going to someone's house expecting to take five minutes to pick up donations...and then ending up standing in their driveway for a half hour or more chatting because they wanted to know more about our adoption. We made some new friends this way!
  • Seeing friends and acquaintances that drove miles out of their way specifically to come to our sale to shop and support us.
  • The friend who didn't have anything to donate to the yard sale, but wanted to give he recycled over $50 worth of pop cans from his garage and donated the funds to us.
  • The boys from our church, brothers (kindergarten and second grade), who set up a stand at our sale and sold matchbox cars and pop, and gave us the proceeds. It was adorable and their servant's hearts still bring tears to my eyes!! :) :) :)
  • Chatting with yard sale customers about the adoption, meeting new people that either have adopted children themselves or were somehow close to adoption.
  • Talking to a woman who came on the first day of the sale, and learning that she has a daughter (age 23, I believe) with cerebral palsy, which is the same condition Mikah has. She came back to the sale on Saturday with a car trunk full of items she donated to the sale! I was very touched by her thoughtfulness.
  • We received a huge donation from a complete stranger that had come to the sale on Thursday. Apparently she read our story on our blog after she went home that day, and then came back on Friday and handed me an envelope with a beautiful letter in it and a cashier's check for $1700 (!!!!!) Her letter said she and her husband wished to remain anonymous so that we would know the gift was coming from God. I find it to be of no coincidence that the next set of fees we are scheduled to pay guessed it: $1700. Exactly. I will literally be writing a check probably in the next week for that exact amount. I was blown away!

The total amount we raised from the sale, including the extra donations: $6292!!


People that deserve a big round of applause:

My Mom and sisters Debbie, Brenda, and Shelly, who came multiple times to my house in the weeks before the sale to sort and organize all the stuff, and also worked long hours on the days of the sale. Specifically Debbie, who made up informational cards about Mikah to hand out at the sale, and also was pretty much in charge of all the advertising.

Jordan's mom Martha, my Dad, sister Carla, sister Esther, friends Cathy, Lori, Stephanie, and Jeff, who came and helped set up the sale, worked tirelessly during the sale, and helped with the cleanup after the sale. My sister Crista who graciously babysat our kids for two days of the sale.

A new friend, Mindy, who volunteered her house as a collection spot for donations, which ended up taking up her whole back porch and also a whole lot of her time! I was very touched by her kindness and willingness to help!

Our longsuffering neighbors, who didn't offer a word of complaint when our street was jampacked with extra traffic for those 3 days. Specifically, Scott and Joanne, who let us use their driveway and lawn for parking.

Countless others that helped us out -- all those who donated things, baked cookies and bars for us to sell, loaned us tables, tarps, and clothing racks, etc. It was truly a community effort!

We thank God for you all!