So far they are overall excited about the prospect of getting another sibling!

We have to answer a lot of questions and do a lot of explaining about what Mikah is like and what it will be like having him in our family.....that, even though he's 13, he won't be very much like their 13 year old cousins. We have talked about the fact that he will need to use a wheelchair, and will need a lot more help with the things that they can do easily -- things like eating, getting dressed, taking a bath, etc.

Katherine at first commented (excitedly) that she will be so glad to have Mikah around because then there will be someone else to help them pick up their toys. (One of the great hardships of life when you're 3, I guess.) Haha. I explained to her that it's possible he doesn't even know how to play with toys, so we probably won't be able to count on him picking up the toys. Too bad. :) I let them know that I will need their help to teach him how to play and be a kid. They took this quite seriously and are now eager to share their toys with him. Even the legos. (This is quite a high honor.)


Jimmy has been talking about the prospect of sharing a room with Mikah ("because we're both boys, Mom.") I would love it if this will work out! However, I told Jim that we better wait and see how Mikah sleeps when he gets home -- if he's scared, or noisy and restless at night, then he might have to sleep in a different room, at least at first. Jim reasoned, "But Mom, I can sleep when Katherine's breathing machine is on, AND even with Dad's it will be just fine if he sleeps by me." He makes a good point. Jimmy is indeed the heaviest sleeper in the house, so it may work out well. :)

It has become our routine that as they are being tucked into bed at night, I give them time to ask questions about Mikah. They are taking full advantage of this and really enjoy pushing bedtime off as much as possible. I am happy about this too because it gives us a chance to talk things over with no distractions, and while they are giving me their 100% attention. Lately they have been wondering about our traveling to Mikah's country -- can they come along (sorry kids, but no), then, who will they stay with while we are gone, will we go by airplane or helicopter (this ended up being a pretty big debate with no clear winner), and how long it will be before Mikah actually comes home. Having to wait a whole year is a really looooong time when you're a kid!

As for now, I am thankful that their response to this adoption has been so positive, and I am hoping this continues!