Exciting News!


Thanks for stopping by our new blog!

We are excited to announce that we are beginning the process of adopting Mikah, this beautiful 13-year-old boy from Eastern Europe! We are thrilled to be adding to our family in this way, and we plan to use this blog as a way to provide updates to anyone that is interested in following our journey.

We are pretty new to the whole adoption process, and are sure there will be many bumps along the way (from what we hear, that’s more normal than not!).

We invite you to click on the tabs on the top to learn more about us! We appreciate your love and support!

So, how did we get here? Have we been considering adoption for a long time? How did we find out about Mikah? These are questions we get asked a lot! Hopefully this will answer everything.

It all started less than a year ago, when some friends of ours announced they were beginning the process of domestic infant adoption. I (Bethany) was excited for them, so I got online and began researching what their process was going to be. Somehow, I stumbled upon this blog, which tells the story of an American family that adopted a tiny, malnourished 9-year-old girl from horrible conditions in an Eastern European orphanage. My eyes were opened to a cruel world I never knew existed, and I began reading and researching more about these kids and the lives they lived in their orphanages. I soon found out about Reece's Rainbow, a charity that advocates for special needs orphans and raises money for their adoptions. I joined their advocacy group on facebook so I could stay in the loop.

Even then, the idea of adopting one of these children was still off in "maybe someday" land. I knew about Mikah, and had seen his profile on Reece's Rainbow, and along with everyone else, wished a family would step up for him! It never occurred to me that we were that family.

Then, this past February, I, along with the rest of the Reece's Rainbow family, learned that Mikah was scheduled to be transferred from his orphanage to a very bad situation in a group home. Suddenly his need to be adopted was urgent! Over the course of a Friday morning, God laid it on my heart that we should adopt him -- that we were to be his family! I brought it to Jordan, and we talked it over, prayed about it, talked about it some more, etc. Of course, all the questions came up: Can we really do this? Our lives will never be the same! How are we going to be able to handle this? Will I ever be able to leave the house again? (that was mine, haha!)

Then, the questions turned to things like: What school will he go to? Will we need to get a van with a wheelchair lift right away, or can it wait? Are we both going to travel to get him, or should just one of us go?

We discussed it and prayed about it over the course of a week. We confided in some close friends, and received nothing but encouragement from them! Also, in that week, God removed a significant financial roadblock for us -- a roadblock that would have delayed the adoption process for sure, and may have discouraged us from taking the plunge in the first place! It was a direct answer to a specific prayer we had. It was amazing and humbling to see Him work in this way!

So, we officially signed papers to commit to adopting Mikah, and here we are! We feel so blessed to have this privilege, and are eager for him to take his place as a part of our family!