Who Me?

I'm just a web developer. This here's the place I mess around with the things no one would pay me to do.


I love my family so while this site probably will be full of nerdy stuff expect to have a bunch of weird pictures of my kids and what not.

This whole big mess was thrown together in 10 minutes with bootstrap. Come back later once I've had a chance to fuss with it more. It'll probably be a mess of that one cool thing I saw and half implemented, but maybe you can at least get a chuckle out of it.

Professional Portfolio

  • C# - 8 years of usage and going strong
  • ASP MVC Web Developer - This site is done in MVC5
  • ASP WebForms - I don't hate this as much as others apparently...
  • Javascript - Embrace the crazy
  • Getting Better with CSS - So many options!
  • Bootstrap Framework - You're lookin at it
  • Mobile Responsive Design - I'm no artist, but I can grid.